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Our vision


At Luquillo Bible Church, we believe that the Lord has called each one of us to be shepherds.  We care for souls.  We care for the lost and we care for our brothers.  It's what Jesus meant when He said:  Go into all the world and make disciples.  So our goal for you is to be a disciple, but to also be a shepherd.  We train you to win and disciple others, to help them walk in the steps of Jesus.


We believe that the Word of God is alive and active.  The Word is sharper than any sword.  The Word of God teaches us, it trains us, it corrects us, it prepares us.  As a church we teach the Word, in season and out of season.  The Bible is so crucial to our growth.  That's why God tells us to meditate on the Word day and night, and that the Word should dwell in us richly.


So we give ourselves to Bible study, prayer, evangelism, purity and service.


But we need to include one more thing.  We aren't perfect.  We don't do everything perfectly well.  We are human and so we give space to people to grow.  It's called grace.


What we teach


Here is a synopsis.  Download the full version here in PDF.


We believe in One Supreme Creator God, existing in three persons, the Creator of the material universe who spoke it into existence from nothing. This God is morally perfect, completely sovereign, unchallengeably powerful, overwhelmingly loving and compassionate, and infinite in knowledge and wisdom by which He has created His plan for the ages.


We believe that God has revealed Himself through the world, but more importantly through two special revelations of Himself; the God-Man Jesus Christ (the living Word) and the Bible (the written Word). All other truth is measured against these two standards.


We believe that God created humankind in His image and likeness and required that we be morally perfect like Him, which we failed to do from the beginning. Since that time all have been sinners by nature and do not naturally seek after Him.


We believe that our sinful nature and deeds have relationally separated us from God. Each human is an eternal creature, and if not reconciled to God during this life, the separation from God and judgment will continue for eternity.


We believe that we cannot be forgiven or reconciled to God through good works or even religious works, no matter how devout. We are hopeless without God reaching out to rescue us.


God loves us as His special creatures and came to us in the person of Jesus Christ at the perfect time in human history. Jesus lived a sinless life and died in our place, paying the death penalty for our sin. But Jesus defeated sin, death, and hell by rising again on the third day. He returned to heaven, and at another perfect time will return to earth, not as a suffering Savior but as a conquering King.


Reconciliation to God and salvation from the coming judgment is offered to us as a gracious gift, paid for by God Himself through Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection. God’s gift is received by turning away from our old worldview, sins, and wrong ideas and accepting His gift by faith.


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